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As a single lot:

- PRGR 2016 RS Driver 10.5 loft. Can be set at 9.5 or 10.5 with the "-1" adaptors; or 10.5 or 11.5 with the "+1" adaptors.
- Nippon NSPro Regio Formula MB 65X affixed to a PRGR "-1" adaptor; plays at approx 45.5". It has been butt trimmed only to length. Light blue Iomic midsize grip.
- Harmon Tour Design GXX (made by UST; 78g uncut) affixed to an aftermarket PRGR "+1" adaptor; plays at approx 44.75". Light blue Iomic midsize grip.
- new spare "-1" PRGR adaptor.
- Limited Edition 2015 Open St Andrews Leather Headcover by Links & Kings.
- ps NO torque wrench. However the adaptors and weights take the usual 6 point star adaptors, a la TM, Titleist, Callaway etc.

For the lot, $400 plus shipping. I ship from the UK so drop me a pm with your location and I'll get you a quote.

The driver head is in really good nick. I did have lead tape on the sole but I've removed it for the sale.
The Regio is in excellent condition (I didn't really game the Regio).
The HTD is in decent nick but has some paint scrapes near the "G" of "GXX". I gamed this shaft. It will suit harder hitters and was one of the ancestors of the more recent UST premium lines - but something you can still pick up new and for only a few shekels these days. Given the PRGR has a slight draw bias (in terms of weight distribution only - face looks square to slightly open) and I generally fight a hook, the GXX helped me to remove some of the hook tendency. Playing it at a slightly shorter length and using the midsize grip helped in this regard too. Enabled me to hit a very repeatable slight draw, even when leaning on the shaft. Fun for a while, but I drive my best when I have a repeatable power fade. I found it difficult to hit the fade that reliably with the RS head. The RS-F might have been a more fitting option.
The spare adaptor and ferrule haven't been used. (Note that there are slightly longer Titleist collared ferrules on the adaptors on the Regio and GXX - all I had to hand at the time to complete the builds).
The leather headcover was a Limited Edition produced for the 2015 Open at St Andrews. Think it was 100 at the time. It has an internal soft lining and the outer skin is leather. It has lasted well and is in pretty decent nick for a well used headcover. No damage, just nicely worn in like a "worn in" leather jacket.

Pics will be in posts below.
Price drop $  225.00 shipped CONUS
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: Bridgestone Tour B XS
« Last post by pug on November 12, 2018, 08:33:23 AM »
I always wonder whats the differences between the last series ie Tour B330 XS
Teeing Off / Re: Farkin Golf
« Last post by tsupo67 on November 11, 2018, 11:17:33 PM »
Weekend of  golf by the sea. usually blows a treat down there but  sublime gentle conds this weekend, plays about 6800ish  off the back tees
lonnnnng par 3s.

ryoma d1 stinger driver and kamui pro tp07 diamana X 60x shaft in bag

never , ever,  driven the ball this well for 2 days,  never.
end of chat.
ryoma can draw the ball   and its a thing of absolute beauty was naling this thing like ive never nailed it before !!!!!
its my travel driver nowadays

kamui is a high ,all carry  draw  club  flight is awesome. use to for the high sloping par 4s .

ryoma  is  longer. kamui feels insane and  can work this a bit more without  a need for a 3 wood.
 drove the last hole   dead straight  with the kamui , a 275 yard  par 4.  Ball  stopped back of green then  lipped out the  25 footer eagle to finish  the weekend with a bird  then half  a dozen beers on the train back to the bigsmoke

back issues finally gone.
no ill effects. putting was on.
irons were crisp and clean.

5 birds   sat ,   3 yesterday

no sore back today.

things have peeked  in Autumn

33/35,  and a 38(4 putt triple on the 2nd grrrrrr!!!)/36

drives were simply the best I have ever done  over two days, hardly missed  a beat.

GIR 15/18   14/18
FW: 14/14    13/14

That  kinda sheeeeeeet will   get me back next weekend  for sure!!!

Teeing Off / Re: New Confederate Bikes
« Last post by wmclarenf1 on November 11, 2018, 09:09:35 PM »
Free had to lay down his Honda rebel 450 going 40mph...

I had a baby rebel 250 as my first bike.. went on to a Yamaha 900 and then a Honda Magna 1200... really wanted a Harley but no money....  Covered a lot of miles with the Magna.
Teeing Off / Re: New Confederate Bikes
« Last post by freehb on November 11, 2018, 08:30:17 PM »
Free had to lay down his Honda rebel 450 going 40mph...some blind sorority girl just not paying attemtion...

Raspberry all down left side, some damage to my knee...cured me...junior year in college, sold my wreck for $600 & haven't been on a bike since...
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