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Teeing Off / Re: Gapping
« Last post by ian-500 on November 14, 2018, 08:41:21 AM »
Wilson dx2 soft. Some people would regard them as range balls!
I'm certainly a sweeper not a digger, but at the last fitting I had the pro said that my angle of attack was good, so....but yes the spin numbers are low.
Teeing Off / Re: Gapping
« Last post by Nolixul on November 14, 2018, 01:48:26 AM »
Those spin numbers are strange and way too low off the irons and wedges! I can only assume that this was with range balls? In which case, distance-wise, you'd expect the most depressed figure to be the driver - so you may not be leaving any distance on the table at all in reality.
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: Shisui Outlet Mall - any good recommendations?
« Last post by tsupo67 on November 14, 2018, 12:05:20 AM »
not like the US the outlet malls here blow .
we never ever go tis not worth the effort.
some of them are more expensive than retial

waste of time esp for golf all itll be in generic OEM spam
Japanese Golf Gear / Shisui Outlet Mall - any good recommendations?
« Last post by pug on November 13, 2018, 10:06:58 PM »
Going to stop by Shisui Outlet Mall in Narita in a couple of weeks. Seems like they have some golf outlets there - Bridgestone, Puma Cobra and Callaway.

Anyone been there before? Any recommendations or advice? I’ll probably update this post with a FR later
If I'm playing a lot, I am usually 70s or low 80s. But I dont play difficult courses. On the Florida trips I'm rusty so I start in the low 90s and work my way down to mid to low 80s by the end of the trip. Course I dont know if I want to take the epons on the Florida trip. My biggest weakness is the short game from 70-120. I need to practice the short game a lot more.

I was playing the lpga in Daytona beach last year, think I was 9 over on the front and shot even par on the back. I will have a blow up hole. I need to work on the mental part of the game.

do you have your 505s already? im wanting to shift from 7 to 5
and i haven't played more than 2 rounds this year lol
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: So what did you pick up today?
« Last post by tsupo67 on November 13, 2018, 07:50:32 PM »
oh I dunno some hot pink, a splash of british racing green and  purple hues  cudnt hurt 
Teeing Off / Gapping
« Last post by ian-500 on November 13, 2018, 03:55:35 PM »
So, another LM session this afternoon on GC2. I wanted to check the gapping on these Fourteen hybrids and did my(nearly) whole bag whilst there. Full shots with each. Hit 5 shots with each. I deleted really bad shots, luckily there was only 5 in total.
Miura sw/sw, Onoff irons, Fourteen hybrids and a jBEAM Glorious driver.

                        Carry  Total  Height  Back spin
SW:                    93       98        24        8567
GW:                  111     119        29        6533
PW:                  127     134        35        7193
9i:                    143     151        38        6109
8i                     157     168        36        4744
7i:                    169     182        37        4496
6i:                    178     191        36        4182
14 5i:               188     202        40        4020
14 3i:               211     227        42        3373
14 1i:               232     252        36        2700
Driver:             250     272        32        2485

The fourteen 1i was soooo consistent with carry. 232/226/237/229/233/233.

Now, looking at this chart from wrx,, I seem very close to the 110 driver swing speed, BUT my driver swing speed is approx 105. So, why am I leaving swing speed on the table? Swing sequence? Let me know, give me some advice......
The Clubhouse Ho's Buy, Sell, Trade Center / Re: Titleist cold Forged Wedge Heads.
« Last post by DaleUK on November 13, 2018, 10:46:03 AM »
Have the original pair of Wedge shafts( no grips) if anyone wants them with the heads, it might push shipping up tho’
Teeing Off / Re: SPECS: driver, irons etc.....what do YOU like ????
« Last post by Nolixul on November 12, 2018, 04:36:04 PM »

DRIVER HEADS: I typically play two drivers; one from 7.5-9 degrees; the other from 11-12 degrees. Heads I like to sit open, at worst square. Pear shaped preferred, deep faced ideally. Seem to have unintentionally gravitated towards SP700 faces. I like a smaller footprint, so if 460cc, it must be deep faced. Performance trumps looks and I like heavier swingweights - hence I will almost always plaster lead tape somewhere  ;D

DRIVER SHAFTS: Most of the shafts I like are 65-75g, although I am partial to the old Protopype in 60X. Always a very stiff tip. Anything else goes left too fast. Overall driver swingweights tend to end up between D4 and D8.

FAIRWAY SHAFTS: Don't mind a slightly softer tip in the fairway woods, but overall must still be stout. The old GD Purple Ice 85X is an old faithful as well as the Protopype 80X.

IRON (and DRIVING IRON) SHAFTS: Heavier shafts fit best - 120g+. Used to play SPB X. Now have some Modus 130 X and S. So fairly stout shafts. Have experimented with lighter weight shafts and graphite, but mostly bounce straight back to heavier shafts. Steelfiber i110X stayed the longest in the bag out of lighter weight iron shafts. Nunchuk xi works well in the driving irons. Wedge shafts I like heavier and slightly softer.

IRON HEADS: Prefer small heads and minimal offset, thin top line. Weaker lofts too. Really don't mind if cast or forged, cavity or blade - it just must be small and zero to minimal offset. Very likely to slap lead tape on. Wedges - I like a 52/58 or 53/59 set up. Modern wedges will always have a generous helping of lead tape and sometimes heavy tip weights too. I don't think, generally, that modern wedges are made heavy enough.

Quite likely to be found playing vintage irons and MOI matched sets. With the vintage irons, I will move to 54/60 or 56/60 in the sand and lob wedges. The MOI matched sets will generally have 3/8 rather than half inch progression.
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