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Putter Talk, The Workshop, and Golf Accessories / Re: How Do You Turn A Ferrule?
« Last post by Robbiez on September 18, 2018, 07:25:14 PM »
yes, the 42" is a better one, im sure it costs more too, thats the bad part
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: Survey: Best of JDM Hybrid/UT's
« Last post by nobwas on September 18, 2018, 06:57:44 PM »
Just got back from the range where I brought my Romaro Type R 18 deg Hyb paired up with a Crazy STP Iron 85. 
This thing is so automatic I feel like I can hit it blind folded (of course not for real )   
I'm getting about 215 to 220 carry which is about what I should expect.     Sound and feel are nice too. 
Perfect for using it on a first time course!   

Japanese Golf Gear / Re: Survey: Best of JDM Hybrid/UT's
« Last post by Sanader on September 18, 2018, 05:56:05 PM »
Had the Roddio UT (older version see pic above) on the course. Got the same good impression I had from the practice range. Very forgiving. Even thin hits get up good in the air. Flush it and goes high and long. For me the Roddio i-9 shaft feels somehow muted, less lively and very different to the Attas shafts I usually have in my hybrids (honestly prefer the Attas feel) but no doubt the results speak for Roddio shaft.

Comparing it to the similar looking Onoff the Type-S/Kuro

Sound …well the sound here the Onoff is certainly the winner. The Roddio with all-titanium head sounds little muffled and feel is more on the softer side.

Similar looking at address but the Roddio is slightly bigger 127.3cc vs Onoff 117.8cc. The MOI onoff 2735g/cm2 vs. 2098g/cm2 of the Roddio would suggest the onoff is less prone to react on mishits but my impression is that the Roddio holds the line much better on mishits.

Works very well from the deck and with deep face especially good from the T. Definitely a keeper for me.
Putter Talk, The Workshop, and Golf Accessories / Re: Curing...
« Last post by tsupo67 on September 18, 2018, 05:48:13 PM »
beaitiful combo.will be hard to replace, even for you!
Putter Talk, The Workshop, and Golf Accessories / Re: Curing...
« Last post by DaleUK on September 18, 2018, 05:44:02 PM »
Very nice Build
Putter Talk, The Workshop, and Golf Accessories / Curing...
« Last post by nobwas on September 18, 2018, 05:23:55 PM »
My new Miuras curing... 

CB1008 99.3 pure iron 4-PW / TT Monaco Stiff Soft Stepped x 1
MG S-01 Tour 51 & 57 / WV 115 Tour

Pro Soft Inserts + Iomic IXx 2.3 (Red) grips to be installed.

Finally have all 4 drivers. Quick range session didn't tell me a thing regarding distance as we have a little storm hitting us. Very very windy. Feel and sound is a tie between onoff and jbeam. Will update with LM numbers and on course testing soon. Feel and sound may change with my Srixon Soft Feel balls.
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: battle of the HLH... high launch heads
« Last post by nobwas on September 18, 2018, 01:49:33 AM »
I have three drivers in rotation and I do not have a single high launcher.  I guess I have not played enough winter golf yet here in Washington to appreciate the benefits of a high launcher.
I am putting together a driverless set which will have something in 12 to 13 deg.  We’ll see what I can come up with. 
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: battle of the HLH... high launch heads
« Last post by ian-500 on September 18, 2018, 12:49:47 AM »
Great read
Thanks supo.
Japanese Golf Gear / battle of the HLH... high launch heads
« Last post by tsupo67 on September 18, 2018, 12:35:47 AM »
last 2-3 games has been an all carry  bonanza bec its been so damn wet here.
 the 7d, stinger, 9*  combos have been  benched for the 10-11* maximisers.........
that grab every mile they  can.
not having an overly high launch swing  makes days like these a bit tougher than usual. so I need to go the high road!
the cannons of choice have been

roddio stuning-diamana X 70s  10.75*
callaway ERC3-waccine gtr88s  11.5*
astro tour v3 10.5*--quadra proto 2016 65x
kamui pro kp 07 10.5*--diamana X 70s
frehiet  G 430 10.5*--diamana X 70s

not a  bad mix ehre bexc the shafts are all very similar really  this makes judgiung the head performance just that  little bit less guestimateish....

ok  these arfe ALL top of the line quality heads for a start, NO IDEA what they are al moade of I don't get that finicky on that .... just results on a course under playing conds is all I give a toss  ABOUT U CAN POKE THE NUMBERS ON THAT mong track machine  in yr gary. the ONLY place   anything  counts, is on the course.

Right down to business............

FEEEEEEL (sound):
roddio --
muted toing, very non descipt, heavy but not dull feel , sound was barely noticeable acoustically. feel was similar, like a jbeam 435 with just a bit more electricity bit over all a heavy thumpy feel.
VERRY electric feel,  high pithced Ting but not like the sasquatch..  very short high pitched ting  , very very  nice especially in amphitheatre   tree lined tee  boxes, sounds sound feel combo by a way!
astro  tour -
little livelier feel than the roddio  but not much, prob splitting hairs here,  very similar really, toing sound muted with a twsit of.. ok I hear it.... feel is a bit heavier denser   as well , bit meaty  like the roddio , these two are pretty similar I think ,its more about the head shape.
kamui -diamana 
 so similar  to the astro tour  but the  diamana is  MUCH tighter shaft , that later..,
toinK  not toinG, yes theres a subltle but noticeable difference.
muted but  with a hint of a buzz..  sound is quite nondescript  really , nothing to go wow about, feel is the hardest of all these heads by a way............. the ball alsmot seems to  be repelled from the face and the face doesn't seem to compress. this is a GREAT feel if u like to think about working the ball and not just have it hit the face and "go''  SOMWHERE that way, which  ido belive the vast majority of people like,, oh I  just hit it there.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this face is hard and mean I don't think a stone cud make an indent ot this , iLOVE it   I prefer this fell to all  bec its  such a different  style but  when u mix in the sound then the callway/epon feel combo is impossible to top.

roddio ----
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIgh wide and handsome, the head shape is the perfect shape t o see a  high  non ballooning arcy draw, its square FA but the soft elongated oval shape to the head looks SO perfect for swinging thru the draw arc and clobbering it, I got some stunners with this on Saturday,over OB trtees , over road ways  onto the right edge of the fairway,  MASSIVE cheat miles  rathe than go the fade back to centre i picked up20 yards with it ,something id never try with other drivers.this doesnt HOOK  its just draws on an ever so  slight arc ,its magnificent to see.. LOVE this head!
 shaft combo keeps it so tight u cant overpower it  unless ureally snap the heck oputta it.
very very good combo, wund think of breaking this up  its a speacialised  driver for me,  and one im contmeplatinmg keeping over the others simly bec the controlled draw is such a thing of beauty
ultra high , uber tight, not long ( not short) but its NOT a distance driver it was made to play in the wet in no wind on long grassy fairways where  i need ot hit over trees  to gain more  yards , tand the ball doenst roll  an inch.
to this , its 100%  perfect, feel is second to none. peerless, the shaft is 88g and plays 44.75 inch its a beast, misses both ways are possible but over all it lends itself to draw balls,  somethimes it can go a bit too far  with a poor swing, something I ddint   get with the roddio, if distance doesn't matter this is a ripper!
KAMUI(diamana X)----
very high draws, not a fade head 1 iota, its for anti right guys, u miss right a lot this is the antidote, it doesn't get carried away uber left, it just goes that way pretty much all the time, swapped out the GDpt6x  and the diamana  tightened it up enormously, flight is a flat high  soaring draw,  its a distance driver  make no boes about it and on dry fast , if I tee it lower it gets plenty of cheat miles, but that's not what it does best.
 it best for mid tee height  give it a thump and let it fly. flight is speactacular to watch.
high flat low high flat, ahhh so hard ot put in words thball just "goes"from this , impopssibel to over power  its so strong, head shape is a bit hard for me to like, its a huge face and plenty of forgiveness but I just get itchy with is shape. this is prob the lowest of them all and hence prob the longest overall.
u can shape it anyway u like,  and it looks awesome. of all of these this is the best all rounder for  al conditions, on the hard fairways this gets a ton of cheat miles . I just tee it higher I nthe wet and grab the extra  carry.
when im swinging freely and cleanly this is  the longest , its not really a wet driver its an all rounder with a higher loft. VERY VERY tight.draws fades go feet ot meters.
perfect for a dogleg ,    I think the new model ofthis head mught suit nme better   I hit this well but I struggle with its  face aethtics.. strange but true.
astro tour----
high flat and long, very long , a bit looser than I like  but once I got sued to it I was hooked, potential to be a bit whippier than I prefer but that gives extra miles. its a really high flat   flight and it gets its fair hchare of roll, either this or the freheit for distance champ, prob the fre


roddio s-tunging and astro tour  quadra  are the ones I gravitate too ... id prefer the astro t obe a bit tighter and I will prob change the shaft out to a stinger or dia X in time but for the honeymoon period ill play with the qaudra bec itsi a good shaft.
he frehiet is to much af an all rounder ofr me to consider, bec on thjsoe days I have the 435s to play and im sory but nothing lese gets a look in on normal days.
so the fre is a free radical. its prob the best quality head I have but its right io nthe middle of everything and so gets overlooked.
a sad indictment for someone  that has 30 drivers   but  such is life of a ho.

gteat to have thse out last cpl of weeks but relly looking forward to some autumn golf where I grab lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
lamas and fast dry hard surfaces and I hit my uber thin MBs  and 435s again!!!

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