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I know you're not a Jesus guy so no disrespect but for what it's worth Mrs I'm has been in my prayers...if all works out would lve to get u, Dale, db2, 100100, Shannon, Jay and th other euros on us soil...then again I'd rather get a team to my ancestral lands (Scotland/Englad mostly)...the core group at my club is planning a trip to Scotland next year so perhaps I'll meet you fellas for a round or three....
US Golf Gear / Re: Got to try the Rogue drivers
« Last post by tsupo67 on Today at 07:43:02 PM »
best callway driver  for  high capper

wud  this one suit ???
Japanese Golf Gear / Will OnOff have a 2019 Kuro Iron?
« Last post by Tzoid on Today at 07:18:26 PM »
Ok you JDM Gurus ....  Will OnOff come out with a new Kuro Iron in 2019 ?  I was told when I bought my 2015 Kuro Irons
they come out every two years.  The 2017 Kuro didn't excite me and I'm getting bored so maybe they will launch a new
offering soon.

         Any word in Asia or around the globe?
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: Anyone try Jean Baptiste products?
« Last post by 95124hacker on Today at 06:44:48 PM »
Never understood why a JDM company would choose a French sounding name...
US Golf Gear / Re: Top Golf / Top Tracer
« Last post by nobwas on Today at 02:10:09 PM »
They are accurate if calibrated properly with the range own balls. I compared with trackman on my pro bay

Both my range have this technology for at least 2 years now.
You can even play virtual golf now as well.

My home course

My range (opened 7am-midnight)

Wow 2 years? Our ranges here are slow adopters!! :(

In any case,  it will definitely make my winter practices more interesting!

Teeing Off / Bounding...bounding!!! Bounding...
« Last post by freehb on Today at 12:52:40 PM »
Loving the way carnoostie is playing...that's authentic golf IMO, this one is the Mack daddy IMO...

Thought I'd start a thread on hitting those bounding, brilliant shots...those of us who love and play true links golf have all had them...where you meet the nexus of the universe in a space where golf was made...

Probably best shot I've ever hit came on a real dry links type course up in steamboat springs one summer...390 yard par 4, downhill and then uphill between tow birms diagonally bisecti g the course...stepped up and whacked a driver ob right, this was years ago when I sucked and had my first sub 80 on a legit course round after some deep breaths and just saw this crazy perfect line...pulled 3 w to come in high and catch the downslope off this big steep, hard mound to kick it left side of the diagonal birm and shoot right through to kick back left of the flag...absolutely nutted it and watched in balance as the ball proceeded to go just like I imagine and finish 20 feet under the pin...making the putt and stumbling home with bogies for a 78 was just the icing on the best golf cake I've had until my HIO last year...will never forget hearing my crazy buddy (out of his mind on the rhoudylax) barking out "bounding!  Bounding!!  BOUNDING!!!" as I wached my shot from each the center of my universe...

Love to hear your stories of perfect links shots...
Would love to captain, but maybe not for 6 to 12 months. As a family we definitely want to visit the states.
Teeing Off / Re: Open Championship 2018.
« Last post by freehb on Today at 11:58:59 AM »
I'm picking Ricky boy...just feel like it's his time and carn-nasty fits his game...good luck poultry...keep berating those fans...

Poultry would be dominated by squirts but he'll do better than nurse Westwood...
Haha, thx for the encouragement Ian, long way to go to even get close to your league...

As I've gotten longer I'm starting to face an identity game has been clutch up and downs and mentally break the big hitters for so long I haven't felt like myself on the course lately and my up/down % inside 30 yards has dropped from mid40ies to high 20s despite improved putting...I'm making a lot more birdies than I used to though but even though my handicap has dropped I'm just not as confident...not "knowing without a shadow of doubt" that I'm getting this ball up-n-down these days...perhaps just lack of short game practice and opportunity during play....

Hitting the ball harder s very satisfying but I'm not sure it's made my overall game more clutch when the $/glory is on the line...

Hope I get a test here soon, CLUBHOUSE RYDER CUP BABY!  Ian, get a team together and let's start planning...I know the intls on this board want in as well....
Japanese Golf Gear / Re: PRGR Egg 1 Driver
« Last post by ian-500 on Today at 11:35:25 AM »

If it does then proceed with the butt trim..

I heard he has a sack, back and crack every month......

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