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Title: Titleist TS2 4 Wood
Post by: mbbg on September 13, 2019, 08:00:05 PM
I havenít had a FW Iíve kept in the bag for more than half a season for a really long time. Been pondering that and asked myself which FW stuck around the longest.

And I always came back to the Titleist 913F with Diamana Whiteboard in it. I just hit all the shots I wanted to with it, it was long enough, easy to elevate, and I had a ton of confidence in it. I think it was in the bag almost 2 years before I went on a big JDM 3 wood trying spree.

So on a whim I jumped on Ebay and found a TS2 with Kuro Kage XM in it for $229, I offered $220, he accepted and today it showed up. I hit it at the range this afternoon and this stick is fucking AWESOME.

Great looking classy club, feels orgasmic, hits high flat shots that launch easily from tee and turf. It knocked the vaunted CBX119 out of the bag after about 4 hits. Highly suggest giving them a hit if you can.
Title: Re: Titleist TS2 4 Wood
Post by: ian-500 on September 14, 2019, 02:26:18 AM
I do like this loft in a FW, gives me just the right gapping but I've found a hybrid that's easier to hit straight. Ping G400 17* with Oban Kiyoshi white 95x. This thing feels nice and heavy and is very low for me from the deck when I've tried it at the range. Luckily I bought as a tee only club. Apparently it was Scottish touring pro's club.