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Title: PUTTER grips...
Post by: tsupo67 on May 20, 2018, 07:52:01 PM
Speent a motza recently re grippoing some of my fave flatties.
iomic absolute X  has  been the go to grip  for a cpl of years, but there are so  many new ones out , I had to try em out

Muziik pistoero, LOVBE this  feel, hands melt to the grip.  need an extra layer of tape
 as they are quite thin, but the feel is amazing ( look is  unreal!!!)  colours are as good as it gets.
 theres a mid thickness whixh suited better. 
if pistoleros are ur thing  these are choice, loved them but  went a bit off piste.

flatcat// there are 3 models I can find one thin one regular (thick) and one with a metal weight att he bottom of the grip, havnt tried this one yet  but the thick and thin I LOVE,  that rectangular feel suits me. 

superstroke thin, have a few thicjk onesm jury out on those not sure if I like the uber  thick  grips, somewhere  mid bodies seems to suit better, the thin SS  I prefer to the thick one but even that cud  be thicker,  likey but kinda mehhhhhhhh

rosemaRK. BOTH THIN AND THICK , thin on a blade goes very nciely, again this new material the use  is so good to hold , and  the thick on my buchi is  excellent, kinda exxy these ones, but I like the way they fit in to the nook of the hands.  prob second fave  actually

finally got a JOP, long JOP, hmmmmm think my grip choice just got  QED.
super heavy , again the rectangular feel. but much harde rcompound, really keeps the blade straight,  enjoying this more than anything right now. first practice with it Saturday,  putting was  solid   pendulum was awesome, might be the new grip for me.

the other one  I am thinking about is the cork thing.  that looks ok
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: 95124hacker on May 31, 2018, 11:36:50 PM
I had the Flat Cat Fat model in a Scotty X5R that was too thick for my hands. I just ordered the Svelte model for my Ghost Spider. I used to have a flat sided Ping grip in an Anser years ago when I was putting well. I also like the Winn Pro X 1.18 in my Lucky 777. Iíve given up on the Flatsoís.
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: nobwas on June 02, 2018, 08:06:08 AM
I have the original Iomic Absolutes ( non X )  in my Benock and Goldís  ,  and a Garsen Ultimate in  my Osyssey O works 7S.   I tried the Absolute X when it just came out but couldnít find peace with it and so I went to find new old stock originals.   Oh why did they change the surface texture?!  Original one were much better in my opinion.  Supple and Velvety feel.   On the taper less,  Iíve tried many SS but prefer Winn X 1.18 or the Garsen Ultimate over SS.   The Salty cork grips were too light for me and it really does not provide much tack and I didnít like it. Felt dry.    Same on the Gripmaster leather taperless.  Felt too slick too.
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: freehb on June 02, 2018, 07:34:17 PM
Stu, what's that rosemark grip?  Looks interesting...SS2&3 are working great for me but wanna try the flat cat and the jop! 

Would like to see the other end of those flatties stuy...
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: db2 on June 02, 2018, 07:53:54 PM
I like the Rosemarks.  The material is nice but it's the shape that I like best about it.  It's very comfortable and natural-feeling. 
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: tsupo67 on June 02, 2018, 10:41:43 PM
Newish brand... about the size of mid sure stroke with hexagon shape and u feel that is very unique.its firm but ever so soft at touch and light ur hands  seem to be stuck to the material.
If u like a non typical grip  shape , i tend to love them these are very good about45bucls a pop.
I e got2or three of them they make a thin version ,not tried that uet, thats next one up.
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: wmclarenf1 on June 04, 2018, 09:05:14 PM
Rosemark seems nice. I tried the 1.25 but as its tapered, found the lower half too small as I'm used to ss grips. Trying the 1.38 soon.  And yes, the material seems good.  Need to test for durability.
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: tsupo67 on June 10, 2018, 07:28:01 PM
found a 1.25 yesterday... hmmmmmmmmm
 I liked it  but I think I preferd the  thicker one.  or mayne somewhere in between, the thin one with 3 layers of tape might work as long as that can be done, but yes the grip on  them  is really good.
   icant beat the JOP long at the moment , totally in love with it.
the muziik pistolero  is another that is GREAT, just needs another layer of tape as well.

Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: nobwas on July 12, 2018, 01:39:58 PM
Picked up a couple of these new Iomic "Ju" putter grips.


The rubber is very soft much like the Golf Pride SNSR grips. 
The surface is smooth like the standard Iomic putter grips but just more cushy feeling. 
I think I still prefer the textured finish of the old Iomic Absolute grips...   

Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: tsupo67 on July 12, 2018, 07:32:55 PM
  im not a fan of  the smooth feel and look, it  doesn't suit my  eye.
 I much prefer a grainy  feel on putters  or a leather rib  , something the fingers can latch onto, that's why I left the ping pistolero.
 love the shape but didn't like the smooth feel.
or a rectangular shape.
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: nobwas on August 30, 2018, 11:24:07 AM
After starting my conversion to cross hand gripping,    I also started trying taperless grips again.       
Normal tapered grips just seems too small for my left hand fingers to latch on for the forward stroke.
I got Winn X 1.18,   Garsen Ultimate and Super Stroke mid slim 2.0 w Counter Core to try.

I first tried the Win 1.18 in my Gold's w/ NS Pro heavy shaft which worked pretty well but due to the light weight of the grip relative to the head and shaft, the swing weight went thru the roof!
To compensate,  I went ahead and installed the Super Stroke with the 50g Counter Core weight.   
While the overall weight is now very close to 600g on this beast of a putter, the heft is really helping me generate a quiet pendulum stroke.   No funny movements with my hands or wrist because I can't!   Its too heavy to do that!

Not quite sure if its the overall weight or the counter balancing that is working but I am able to make more putts with this combo than anything else I have in recent years.
I've had counter weighted putters in the past with big TM mallets but this is the first time trying counter weight grips with blades.   Together with the cross hand, it seems to be working pretty well!

Next is to try the same counter core grip in my Benocks!!  I love experiments!!
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: wmclarenf1 on September 01, 2018, 01:41:52 AM
After staying with super stroke for what seems like a lifetime, I think I'll be moving to the Rose Mark 1.38 microfiber.  The ergonic concept seems to work and it seems durable enough.  Only down side is the colour availability which is rather listed.
Title: Re: PUTTER grips...
Post by: Stevopagolf on September 02, 2018, 07:57:13 AM
I like the super stroke but it gets slippery as an eel when it gets at all wet..  Might have to find me a Rosemark.....