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Title: Callaway star
Post by: freehb on February 09, 2018, 07:42:18 PM
A friend picked these up.  Interesting to see the bassara from Mitsubishi on them...not bad clubs...long, shaft way to light but loooong...

Feel semi crappy, looks fine over the ball except for the offset...but looooong...
Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: lousifers on February 14, 2018, 01:25:28 AM
Hi Free, thx for the info. You meant both the irons and UT? If you hit it, can you say itís longer than which combination? TIA

Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: freehb on February 14, 2018, 09:11:51 PM
I hit the irons next too my 705/bangvoo combo (large bucket on range and a few on the course).  Oddly, the cally star/bassara 55s were lower launch and slightly longer (maybe 1/3 of a club...hard to tell, some were slightly longer than that total distence but shorter carry and longer roll). 

Did not particularly care for them, not holding greens and I did not care for the feel but they seemed to work okay for my friend who's had them for a couple weeks just haven't seen him score with them as yet.

If you're used to lighter shafts and looking for more distance and don't mind getting it via extra roll I could see these working.  Head is smaller than 705 & the black makes it look smaller but forgiveness is similar to 503. 
Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: lousifers on February 15, 2018, 01:09:10 AM
Thx again. I feel 503 is not as good/forgiving as 502 but just me. Got to try them all

In the market for new iron set but no jdm in my list this time
Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: Robbiez on February 15, 2018, 12:13:28 PM
The Callaway Epic Star Irons are basically the Epic irons which are insanely long and then bump it another club by changing the number.  Traditional PW is 48-49*, The modern lofts took the PW to 47* and then it was 46* for the GI irons.  From there we went to 44* and 45* for SGI irons.  The Epic Star went one further and changed a PW to 39* and equally spaced them upwards.  A 39* is basically a 7 iron for Titleist AP2.  Add in the super lightweight shaft and I expect this iron to be very long.  Just imagine how far a 27* PW would go ! 
Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: freehb on February 18, 2018, 08:41:34 PM
Lmao!  These really do suck...last hole I hit 3 8 irons from 135 into a strong wing off a downhill lie with the star.  Bunker left twice and over the green.  Pulled out the 8i 705/Bangvoo and knocked it stiff, 5 feet...my buddy (who is loving these b/c he's hitting his 7i 160 again but shooting in the 90s) says "the star still better, you just didn't put a good sw g on it".

I the proceeded to hit a small bucket with the star and it's just low, long and crappy feeling...no hope of holding a green...if you're distence obsessed and want to shoot higher scores, these are for you...
Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: Robbiez on February 18, 2018, 09:03:37 PM
Haha...im not sure how to respond to that last comment.  I play the Epics and love them and yes they are for distance obsessed people. From 135 downhill  I would be using the Epic Star AW though.  The 8 iron is 30* and with the downhill lie, its approaching at 28*   My scores have actually improved since I put these in play. Ive hit the 8 iron Epic star and thats my 185 iron.

I also have no problem holding greens,  that was my main concern but after about 30 rounds at all types of courses including Classic Club, PGA West, Olympic Club, Spyglass, Yocha dehe, Pasatiempo, Firecliff, Shadow Ridge. On the launch monitor the spin is crazy low indicating these won't hold the green at all.  But somehow even up to the 4 iron, im staying on the pin just fine.  I get the check and stop but I don't get the type of spin that backs the ball off the green.  Ive hit 6 and 7 irons that have spun back a yard or so.  These are SGI irons for sure but I love them.  If I see a set of Epic Stars in the black finish, ill probably pick them up too !!!!
Title: Re: Callaway star
Post by: freehb on February 19, 2018, 05:42:53 PM
Interesting.  It was a pretty strong wind...maybe 2 full clubs...the kind that will just smother a high ball.  Should have been right up the epic star alley...My buddy likes them as well...to each his own...these just don't suit my game...at all...in any way shape or form...they did kick out the 703/attas 10s combo albeit those shafts were way to much for my friend...will put some Roddio i7s in the 703s for him and see if I can't kick out his callaway stars...they are a decent looking set truth be told...with AW and Roddio i8 I could see that set being really good for high ball hitters.  Not for us guys that deloft the club and pinch the ball...