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Title: AF155. First impressions...5 rounds in, thoughts...
Post by: freehb on January 06, 2018, 09:21:58 PM
11.25* w/ Basileus alpha 60 stiff.  First time out.  Simple, very attractive, confidence inspiring look.  Looks very similar to the 153 over the ball.  Haven't touched a club since Monday and it's real cold here.  Couldn't make a good turn till 50 swings in to my weekend.  Had a hard time launching it on the range and first couple holes.  Started out double double double...on the 4th hole I finally caught one one and buried it 250 dead center.  Was surprised at the shaft.  Played firmer than I thought it would, as the round wore on and I began to put some decent swings on it this is as long as any.  Feel seems somewhere between the 105 and 153.  Not soft like the 103 bit typical Epon feel, nice muted sound.  A little crunchy feeling like the 105.  Forgiveness is good, not great.  I think the 153 is slightly more forgiving.  The 155 played more like the 105 than the 153.  Glad I got extra loft.  This is not a high launching head...for me today, on good swings, mid launch.

This is going in the bag...we'll see what tomorrow brings...
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: nobwas on January 06, 2018, 11:37:03 PM
Thanks for the review!!   
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: Boycer11 on January 08, 2018, 05:31:57 AM
Look forward to hearing more information. Congrats on getting to hit it. So think you will change to a higher launching shaft?
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: Shacco on January 09, 2018, 05:50:57 AM
H, we need pictures
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: freehb on January 09, 2018, 11:05:49 PM
Sorry for the tease, have been busy trying to buy a car...

I think Saturday's experience was more a result of user error.  I left it at home Sunday as I had a $20 Nassau with I guy I hate to lose too and didn't want any uncertainty...hit 15 balls with it at the end of my lesson on Monday when swinging well and was launching mid-high, straight bullets.  I could not draw or fade the ball, was trying like hell to draw it but straight or a breath of draw...no fades though.  A couple readings from the thingy the pro has I was launching it 14* which is right where I want to be.  A couple small blocks were fine, straight, just falling slightly right.  The shaft is not too stiff, Monday it felt a touch soft...hard to evaluate a club when you're taking lessons and working on your swing...I'm so focused on my swing and the ball I'm not paying as much attention to the club.

As with many Epon clubs I like the feel the more I hit it.  The 155 has a unique feel, hard to describe.  I will hit it side by side with the 153 and give fuller review .

The pics don't do the driver justice, the finish is top notch.  I'm really happy with the look, better in the flesh.  Sound is good, soft.  Just don't have enough time with it to come to any real conclusions on how it plays right now.
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: freehb on January 10, 2018, 07:09:57 PM
Hit a couple dozen drives off various holes with it today.  Was drizzly so just wandered out for some hogan style course practice.  Wow, premium urethane balls really feel different than range balls.  A  middled shot yielded that Epon nothingness...this is closer to the 153 than the 105.  Looks wise it's playerish...mines a degree closed and looks it but compari g to the 153 it looks more compact.  I think this combo might stick, shaft was working well today and head just felt great was putting it in some really good spots, where I put real good shots with the 904Dh/boo combo, just in different way, more carry.  Going down in weight class on the shaft was a wise choice, it's lively but firm enough for when I'm not early releasing....
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: spoon on January 11, 2018, 07:49:03 PM
nice reviews! i had a basi aaa60s 2005 in a 105 10* and the spin was so low i couldn't get the optimum
trajectory with this combo. tried it originally in a crazy 435 and the thing did not even go above 20'
this is a case wherein spin of the head is critical to making the shaft work. haha shouldn't it be the other
way around?

i have a 10* 155 just waiting to be shafted. already have my doa m65 shaft just haven't played golf in over 2 months
and dont plan on starting anytime soon.
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...
Post by: freehb on January 13, 2018, 11:18:39 AM
That's no good c, I know how it goes though, my boys are in sports now so will miss my Sunday game 2 weeks in a row to attend tournaments.

You're gonna love this head.  A true successor to the 153.  Played it in the men's game today.  It's longer than the 153 and feel is awesome, very similar to 153, just a tad crisper but kinda feels like the ball squeezes into the face and gets spit out like a rifle with a silencer.  Forgiveness was very good!  I'm updating my bag, this is in the starting spot.
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...5 rounds in, thoughts...
Post by: freehb on January 15, 2018, 08:54:45 PM
I'm 5 range sessions and 5 rounds in on this club.  It is my favorite driver to hit by far.  Drivers it has beaten out:
153/Roddio m6s
PRGR egg '16/muziik bangvoo s
153/Attas 4Us tspx
904Dh/bootoobee 65sh
Justiik440/bootoobee 65se
Epon Technica Titan 340/Roddio WBWA 70s

Here's why:

This combo flat performs.  Hot off the face but soft.  Very muted, like a fresh, crisp apple. 

It's pretty long.  I've gotten to a couple places I've never gotten too...even with the cheater drivers...

Ball flight is real controllable.  I hit mid flight baby draws or cuts with it mostly.  Really very forgiving.  The block is a decent miss with this driver and like the 153, heel shots and low shots still do well.

The look over the ball is where I'm sold.  Reminds me of the 103, looks nice and compact.

This is definitely my gamer going forward.  I can't say enough about this shaft.  Basileus alpha 60s.  I'm a smooth swinger.  Any power I put on the ball I try to put in right before the hit.  This shaft really loads easily with smooth swings.  I hit a smooth 3/4 swing and it goes my normal 240...when I go at it its long. 
Title: Re: AF155. First impressions...5 rounds in, thoughts...
Post by: wmclarenf1 on January 15, 2018, 09:33:41 PM
Hmmm..  Given how we have similar taste in equipment, maybe I should give this a try H.